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Apprenticeships at Rossendale Leisure Trust

We are passionate and proud of our apprenticeship programme at RLT. Over the past few years, we have been building an apprenticeship programme that covers many roles across our business and has the apprentice at the heart of the programme. We partner with FLM Training, THEMIS, Eden Training, ASA and Project digital to deliver professional qualifications to all our apprentices, they also gain work placed experience as they become part of the team at Rossendale Leisure Trust.

Apprenticehsip partnerships

Read about what some of our past and present apprentices have to say

“I started working for Rossendale Leisure Trust as a Digital Marketing Apprentice in early September, as part of a new collaboration programme called Project Digital, which is based in Burnley. I’m taking a Level 4 qualification for digital marketing which essentially, is translated into a university foundation level qualification. Working for the Trust has been a lot of fun and the staff are so nice, they don’t make you feel like an apprentice, you just fit in as part of the team. It’s been really energising for me as I’m always doing around a million different things at once, keeping busy but being able to be creative as well is an amazing aspect of the job. Another colleague and I attend Burnley College bi-weekly on Wednesdays and I really enjoy being able to learn something and then immediately implement it into my working life and discuss with my manager and other team members who are always being willing to listen and learn more. I’m hoping that once I’ve finished the course in a years’ time, I’ll be able to stay on here at the Trust and continue to work as a Digital Marketer, continuously expanding my knowledge and loving it more and more, every step of the way.” - Lizzie Holberry-Goddard, 21, Marketing Apprentice 

“I’ve been working for Rossendale Leisure Trust for a little over 4 years. I thoroughly enjoy working at both Adrenaline and Marl Pits and continuing my career within the leisure industry.  
I began working at RLT in 2013 as an apprentice fitness instructor. Over this 12-month period, I gained my Level 2 gym instructor certificate amongst other qualifications including first aid at work and Meta-Fit Body Weight coaching. This allowed me to teach group exercise classes and gain experience within a leadership role.  
After completing my apprenticeship, I then moved to Marl Pits permanently on a 37-hour contract for a two-year period. During this time, I completed an NPLQ lifeguard qualification and obtained a Level 3 Personal Training certificate. During these two years, I gained several personal training clients that regularly booked in on a weekly basis.  
After pursuing my passion for health and fitness, I then wanted to grow within the company that I worked for. Luckily, a position became available for a Shift Supervisor which I then applied for. The interview process consisted of an assessment day, including internal and external applicants. I successfully passed the first stage and was invited to a one on one interview with the management team. I was delighted to learn that I had been successful in my application and was appointed the full-time role of a Shift Supervisor, working across multiple sites. I have been within this role for over a year and in this time, I have gained a Pool Plant qualification, allowing me to efficiently manage our swimming pool facilities.  
I am continuing to better myself daily with guidance from First Tier Management and I look forward to my future here at Rossendale Leisure Trust." - Hayden Wells, Shift Supervisor




We are keen to support talented, passionate and committed people at Rossendale Leisure Trust and we understand there are many different types of apprenticeships available, too many for us to list here. We also have many different departments within our business that are not just leisure related, this could be finance, marketing, business, sports, and many more, with this in mind we would be keen to hear from people that have an area they want to progress their career in that we may be able to help and support.


What happens as an apprentice

As an apprentice at Rossendale Leisure Trust, you will be assigned a supervisor to help, support and guide you through your training. We understand that this may be the beginning of a career for some individuals, it may be the first experience they have of working for a large organisation and the start of working life straight after leaving school. With this in mind, we have designed an apprenticeship programme that will support encourage and help individuals grow into their potential with us as a business. They will gain hands-on experience working in our facilities across Rossendale and they will be involved in all aspects of what we do, from working on our Grip and Go walls, marketing projects such as The Hill - Home of Ski Rossendale to shadowing our CEO at his business meetings for the day, we have a plan to enrich our apprentice's experience of what work can and should be about.

We host training days for the apprentice's throughout the year, were the senior managers and apprentices get together for a team building and development day. These are important for us to learn and gain knowledge about our apprenticeship programme and support the apprentices as they move through their apprenticeship.


What do apprentices get

As part of the apprentice programme, our apprentices get qualified in their chosen career and opportunities that the leisure trust can provide, here's a small list:


We feel this is a great opportunity for people to learn a professional qualification and gain valuable work experience to help them further their career, either with the leisure trust or with a different employer in any industry, the professional skills and life skills learnt through the programme are invaluable.

For more information about our apprenticeships please contact  


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