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The Great British Bake Off has been gracing our screens for weeks now and the final is soon upon us (23rd October 2018)!

Are you always tempted with the tasty bakes on GBBO but want to stay loyal to your diet? 

We've compiled a list of healthy bakes to help you treat yourself whilst not steering too far off track.

Always wanted to try out boxing?

This fast paced, high energy sport is a great way to work out!

Here's a few of the benefits that adding boxing to your workout plan can have! 

Are you struggling to quit smoking?

Why not take part in the NHS' Stoptober campaign?!

As some of you may already know, Marl Pits has been undergoing an extension to have a new rig installed. Good news: it's open!

With the gym being so successful and the number of members ever-growing, we needed to refurbish the centre to fulfil the gyms need and make space for new training facilities. This new space holds a more functional weight training area as well as the gym rig structure. 

This rig consists of a total of 8 workout stations including punch bags and weightlifting areas, meaning all you gym-goers to focus on strength and functional training.

The new gym rig frame has been made by Exigo, a Rochdale based fitness brand who design and manufacture innovative gym equipment and accessories. Kaycliffe Ltd carried out the building work. This company is based in Bury and specialise in commercial buildings.

It's a top-class training facility to go alongside our original gym set-up to offer all of our members the best possible workout experience we can. Come along to Marl Pits and try it out! 

Wanting to bulk up? Or maybe you're more into endurance sports? Either way, protein is a crucial role in your diet. Find out which foods can help increase your protein intake.

grip and go

Climbing is a great way to have fun and work out at the same time.

Our Grip & Go indoor climbing facility offers 23 walls for you to scale and is open to adults and children from age 4 and above. Whether you’re a beginner or a climbing expert, Grip & Go has something for everyone. 

Here are a few reasons why you should come and try indoor climbing for yourself:  

1. Something New:

Climbing offers a new and exciting way to work out. Sometimes the gym can become repetitive and you may want to switch up the way that you work out. Get back your motivation by trying something different.


2. Full Body Workout:

According to the NHS, climbing allows you to exercise your back, abdominal and leg muscles as well as your fingers, shoulders and arms, making climbing a perfect full body workout.

3. Strength Training:

As you can imagine, climbing requires great upper body strength to pull yourself up and across the walls. It engages muscles in our arms and back, and also your lower body. Over time it will tone up muscles and build muscle mass. 


4. Cardio:

Not only does climbing help you become stronger, it can also improve your breathing, increase your stamina and boosts your heart rate as it is a low impact cardio workout. 

5. Flexibility: 

Regular climbing can help improve your flexibility as you will need to reach, jump and stretch yourself while conquering the walls. This stretching can improve blood circulation and your range of motion. 


6. Stress Relief:

Climbing, like most exercises, is a fun and effective way to de-stress. Exercise is shown to be a major factor in stress relief and the improvement of mental health. Climbing really does provide the ideal workout to help with this. Success on the wall might just lead to success in life. 

Overall, climbing is a rewarding, fun way for the whole family to keep fit!

Come and try climbing at Grip & Go based at our Adrenaline Centre in Rossendale, Lancashire. 



Do you need some extra motivation to work out and stay on track?

Here are 5 fitness apps to help you out when you're stuck for time and inspiration.


1. MyFitnessPal (Free): IOS and Android

For when you want to stick to your diet:

  • Allows you to track your calorie and nutritional information
  • Easily scan bar codes and search for foods, there's over 6 million foods available
  • Set personal goals and track your progress
  • Log in steps and exercise


2. 30 day Fitness Challenge (Free): IOS and Android

For those days that you can't make it to the gym:

  • At home workouts
  • Workout videos to guide you
  • Reminders to help you keep on track
  • Various challenges to work different parts of your body
  • Intensity increase throughout the 30 days


3. Viewranger: Hike, Ride or Walk (Free): IOS and Android

For when you would much rather be outside than in the gym:

  • Outdoor trail guides
  • Suitable for any adventure, whether you want mountain routes, bike rides or countryside walks
  • Downloadable Ordnance Survey® maps


4. Daily Yoga (Free): IOS and Android
For the when you need to stretch it out

  • Over 200 guided classes
  • Classes range from beginner to advanced levels
  • More than 50 workout plans to follow








5. 7 Minutes Workout (£3.99/£3.09): IOS and Android

For when you only have 7 minutes spare:

  • Workouts have been tailored and provided by researches for the best results
  • High-intensity training
  • Quick and simple workouts so there's no excuses


Rossendale Leisure Trust
Graduate Marketing Assistant 

Rossendale Leisure Trust are committed to delivering a range of programmes and activities that bring fun, health, activity and interaction to the top of the agenda within our communities.

We are looking for a recent marketing graduate to join the team who has plenty of energy, initiative, drive, ambition and bursting with ideas. We are also looking for the following skills and qualifications:

  • A degree in marketing, creative design or a related field
  • Good organisational skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication 
  • A strong team player
  • Can work under pressure to tight deadlines

Main duties

Supporting the community engagement manager, you’ll be at the heart of driving marketing campaigns for our products and services. An important cog in the marketing wheel, you'll be expected to be involved at all levels, including creating social media adverts, updating websites, developing planned campaigns, organising promotional events and reviewing effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

This job is full of variety and you’ll need to be able to turn your hand to a multitude of tasks. A marketing assistant's regular to do list includes:

  • Organising market research
  • Writing press releases
  • Arranging promotional events
  • Assessing the results of a marketing campaign
  • Assisting the manager in writing reports and analysing data
  • Helping to drive online traffic with web-related campaigns
  • Writing online content
  • Creating social media adverts
  • Communicating with customers
  • Creating photo/video content.

Hours and Wages

This role is a one year fixed term graduate training post with the potential to develop into a permanent post. Contracted hours will be between 30-40 hours per week depending on the candidate. Working hours will be flexible depending on events and activities and could involve working some evenings and weekends. Further training will be available throughout the year, and this post offers a great first step into a career in digital marketing, creative design and customer engagement.

Wage: £7.38 - £7.83 per hour

To express interest and find out more, please send a covering letter and CV to

Closing Date: 20th July 2018

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