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  • Its one of 12 places selected to work on a ground-breaking new approach to tackle inactivity in communities
  • Around £100 million of National Lottery funding will be allocated to the 12 over four years
  • Encouraging better collaboration between a wider range of local organisations including voluntary groups, social enterprises, local authorities, faith organisations, schools, GPs and parenting groups

As winter approaches it's a great time to start to eat healthy. Download this guide to making healthy soups for an easy way of getting more vegetables.

Filled with tips and easy recipes for you to make.

Are you beginning to struggle on your diet now that the colder months are moving in and find yourself considering Pizza night every week? We did some research on Cheat Meals to find out if they are a good or bad strategy for dieting. We've put together some good and bad facts and what we think works best!

Would you much rather lounge on the couch after a day at work, flick through the TV channels with a cup of tea and a biscuit, than a 30 minute run in the miserable Rossendale weather? Or smash a Spin class at the Adrenaline centre?

We know how you feel!

It’s a psychological fact that we are drawn to the ‘easy routes’ in life and usually find it more difficult to build some motivation for the tougher things, such as EXERCISE!

It is also a proven fact that after 30 consecutive days, behaviours start to become more integrated and habitual to us.

So here are our Top 7 tips to make your exercise routine more enjoyable and set you on the right track to fitness success!


Rossendale Leisure Trust want to help all of our members get the best experience from their workouts!

We enjoy helping and training with you all in the gym and believe that having someone as a 'Workout Buddy, or 'Fitness Friend' is a great way to make your fitness programme fun and effective!

Habits need practice, if you're looking to create some new habits we need to work on them constantly, here's a few tips on how to get started


There are many ways we can eat healthy, these are just a few swaps we can make to get the balance better of a healthy diet

Learning Your Body Type
The Ectomorph: characterized by a short upper body, long arms and legs, long narrow hands and feet and very little fat storage, narrow in the chest and shoulders, with generally long thin muscles.
The Mesomorph: Large chest long torso, solid muscle structure and great strength
The Endomorph: Soft muscularity round face short neck, wide hips and heavy fat storage.


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