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Top 7 Ways to Make Fitness Fun!

Top 7 Ways to Make Fitness Fun!

Would you much rather lounge on the couch after a day at work, flick through the TV channels with a cup of tea and a biscuit, than a 30 minute run in the miserable Rossendale weather? Or smash a Spin class at the Adrenaline centre?

We know how you feel!

It’s a psychological fact that we are drawn to the ‘easy routes’ in life and usually find it more difficult to build some motivation for the tougher things, such as EXERCISE!

It is also a proven fact that after 30 consecutive days, behaviours start to become more integrated and habitual to us.

So here are our Top 7 tips to make your exercise routine more enjoyable and set you on the right track to fitness success!



Don’t be so hard on yourself! By taking steps to sign up or go to the gym, you’re on the right track! After your first couple of weeks of workouts or fitness classes why not splurge on a massage? Or a new gym outfit? Desirable rewards will make your workouts more bearable.

Don’t get into the habit of rewarding yourself for weight loss; start to reward yourself for showing up! What you may lose in fat you may gain in lean muscle, by rewarding your exercise you are rewarding your motivation.

But remember everything in moderation! Schedule your rewards so you don’t find yourself buying a Big Mac after every half an hour gym session, do your research or attend our ‘Clean Eat’ classes and find something delicious yet healthy.



Combine the benefits of fresh air with the benefits of exercise! Sometimes we may under appreciate the scenery of Rossendale Valley, take advantage of it! Go for a run, or even a walk.

Outdoor fitness is usually easier to stick with, there is unlimited outdoor space where you can exercise meaning there is less pressure and less control of being in a gym.

Rossendale Leisure Trust hold outdoor activities based at the ‘Cribden Wellness Centre’. Cribden is a calming and peaceful area in the heart of the Valley where visitors can take part in classes such as Outdoor Yoga, Outdoor Survival skills, Pram walks and many more!

Find out more HERE



Make yourself a workout playlist!

Music can serve as a distraction whilst you’re half way through a treadmill session, so when the fatigue starts to kick in, turn up the music!

Not only can music elevate your mood but It can also lead your exercise programmes… science says ‘the faster the track the better’, so your favourite Adele track might not be the best choice, but hey! Whatever works for you!

Find something up beat and energetic and this will show in your workouts. You can also use music to keep your pace and momentum, steady pace is easier on our bodies so leads to a more effective workout.

If you already have your music play list on lock, try one of our spin classes where you will be pushed to work to the beat of our music and try and see if you can keep up!

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming blog on our monthly recommended workout songs!!




‘Life Starts outside your comfort zone’ so although it may seem daunting at first push yourself to do something new, explore different classes, and meet new people.

By pushing boundaries you are not only discovering new talents but also bettering yourself. So what if you’re not the most muscular person in the gym or not the fittest and fastest person in the spin class, everyone is here for the same reason!

They key is to get used to change, and begin to enjoy change, not fear it. Once you are in a good routine you will start to pay less attention to others and focus on your own workouts and your own fitness.

If you’re bored of lifting weights or your usual sprint on the treadmill, mix it up! Don’t assume that a healthy body comes solely from pumping iron and cardio. Rossendale Leisure Trust run over 50% more classes than any other gym in the valley! So why not try at least one new one? Tai-Chi or Kettlercise? Every class is designed to improve your fitness in the most fun ways possible!

Click HERE to find out more!



Whether or not you class yourself as competitive the truth is nobody likes being a loser! By turning your usual exercise into a game your body will work differently both physically and mentally, making workouts less boring. The adrenaline from competing one on one or in a team can make it feel like you’re not exercising at all!

Why not try out our squash courts at the Adrenaline Centre, or simply who can do the most reps and sets in a minute in with a gym partner?



By working out with a gym buddy you can get a serious workout, without being too serious. Exercise becomes a social event, spend a couple of hours working out, then have a chat and a smoothie afterwards.

By planning your workouts with a gym buddy, you will become more committed, it makes it harder for you to decide to skip a workout, if you do you’re not only letting yourself down but your also letting down your friend.

Not only does having a gym buddy make your workouts more enjoyable but it will also make them more successful. It is a proven fact that social support works when it comes to working out, basically we seem to do as were told. So to have some extra motivation in the gym will make your workouts more consistent and productive.



There is no better feeling than finally seeing your results! Record your progress and keep it as something to refer to and be proud of. Measuring and tracking your progress will make your workouts fly by and make it feel like it was all worth it.

Once you get into the hang of this, taking pictures, seeing your clothes gradually become looser, this will motivate you to push yourself further and set more goals. The sky is the limit!


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