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10 Reasons Why Exercise Makes You Happier

10 Reasons Why Exercise Makes You Happier

Need some extra motivation to exercise now the colder and darker months are setting in? Here are 10 facts to prove that exercise improves your mood and makes you happier!

More Energy - Believe it or not, exercise actually increases energy levels and fights fatigue. Most people claim that they feel more energized after a workout than they did before it. So no matter how hard it may seem, get up for that early morning you will find it will increase your productivity and improve your entire day!


Insomnia Gone - An active lifestyle = better sleep! Science suggest that this is related to body temperature, the decrease in body temperature when we sleep is the reason for a deep sleep, 20-30 minutes of exercise a day causes the body temperature to drop lower than it would with no exercise, meaning a better sleep! And we all know that sleep = happiness, right?


Immunity - Regular exercise is know to detox the body of bacteria and toxins. And when your blood is pumping you are also increasing the rate of which antibodies and white blood cells circulate the body. If your fighting the common cold already now the cold weather has arrived, doing light exercise like a walk or jog for a short amount of time could make you feel better.


Happy Mood - Science says that exercise isn't only good for our bodies but also our brains. One your being to move, you brain releases 'happy hormones' like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. So even if you don't have time for you trip to the gym, get moving around the house or go for a walk and this will make you happier!


Confidence - Regular exercise wont only increase your self esteem because you begin to look better, but mentally, you will feel the difference. When you start to workout, you may feel like your goals will never be possible, but regular exercise will make you feel a great sense of accomplishment.


De-stress - Most of us will have used the term 'let off some steam in the gym' after stressful day, and it works! But long term exercise also decreases stress. Studies suggest that walking, running and Yoga tend to be the favourite de-stressors. Check out our weekly timetable HERE to see when our Yoga classes are held.


Healthy Aging - Aging is inevitable but there's no reason you cant make the process more enjoyable, or even slow the process by reducing chances of disease and disability in seniors. Weight management can become harder with age, especially without regular exercise. Exercise will also maintain spine mobility which helps your body move properly.


Ease of life - By working on your physical health and fitness creates a strong body and mind. A strong body and mind makes life feel easier. For example, lugging your shopping in from the car, caring for your family, moving things around the house, if your body is strong enough, you wont notice these types of things being difficult. Exercise will increase strength, improve cardiovascular fitness and just make life easier!


Eases anxiety - Studies have suggested that the immediate mood boost from a workout created a longer term relief in people suffering from anxiety, this relief is similar to what is offered by meditation or talk therapy. So next time your feeling anxious try a workout!


Relax - Types of exercise such as walking, Yoga or Tai-Chi can relieve the muscles from tension, this can make it easier to unwind at the end of the day and you will find yourself more able to relax.


Exercise and be happy! You will feel more confident, energized and calm.

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