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5 Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated

5 Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated

Do you need some extra motivation to work out and stay on track?

Here are 5 fitness apps to help you out when you're stuck for time and inspiration.


1. MyFitnessPal (Free): IOS and Android

For when you want to stick to your diet:

  • Allows you to track your calorie and nutritional information
  • Easily scan bar codes and search for foods, there's over 6 million foods available
  • Set personal goals and track your progress
  • Log in steps and exercise


2. 30 day Fitness Challenge (Free): IOS and Android

For those days that you can't make it to the gym:

  • At home workouts
  • Workout videos to guide you
  • Reminders to help you keep on track
  • Various challenges to work different parts of your body
  • Intensity increase throughout the 30 days


3. Viewranger: Hike, Ride or Walk (Free): IOS and Android

For when you would much rather be outside than in the gym:

  • Outdoor trail guides
  • Suitable for any adventure, whether you want mountain routes, bike rides or countryside walks
  • Downloadable Ordnance Survey® maps


4. Daily Yoga (Free): IOS and Android
For the when you need to stretch it out

  • Over 200 guided classes
  • Classes range from beginner to advanced levels
  • More than 50 workout plans to follow








5. 7 Minutes Workout (£3.99/£3.09): IOS and Android

For when you only have 7 minutes spare:

  • Workouts have been tailored and provided by researches for the best results
  • High-intensity training
  • Quick and simple workouts so there's no excuses


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