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Reasons to try out boxing

Reasons to try out boxing

Always wanted to try out boxing?

This fast paced, high energy sport is a great way to work out!

Here's a few of the benefits that adding boxing to your workout plan can have! 

Boxing burns calories, FAST

Boxing improves your resting heart rate and muscular endurance.With a potential burn rate of 13 calories a minute, boxing goes head-to-head with other types of cardio like running and cycling. Thirty minutes of boxing in a ring torches 400 calories; 30 minutes of punching a bag burns 200 calories; and 30 minutes sparring with a partner blasts 300 calories

It combines both cardio and resistance training

The resistance of a heavy bag promotes muscle growth in the shoulder, back and chest. Each punch requires strength and precision, the same qualities needed in strength training with weights or other equipment. You need to be quick on your feet to pack those punches. 

It's a great stress reliever 

Not only is hitting something a healthy and productive way to help you let go of tension, the rush of endorphins may make you happier too. 

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Boxing offers a full body workout

You punch with you whole body, not just your fist. One single punch engages the upper body for sure, but it also draws power from the core, hips and legs. Punching the bag requires power to be generated from head to toe. With proper technique, the entire body is engaged. 

Your coordination will improve 

Hand-eye coordination is key for boxing. Punching a bag or sparring requires focused movements and amazing recall, challenging your muscles and your mind.

It'll boost your confidence

Boxing will improve your confidence, it'll make you feel powerful and strong. Many organisations have even been founded using boxing as a way to empower women, youth, and other people groups. Especially for women, boxing provides skills that can be used as self defence in the event of an attack

As you can see, boxing has some great benefits!

Come along to the boxing sessions at Adrenaline on a Saturday morning with Lee!

Beginners: 9.00am-10.00am

Advanced: 10.00am-11.00am


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