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Healthy Halloween!

Healthy Halloween!

How to use all the blood and guts and spiders and cobwebs you want in healthy recipes. 

It’s that spooky time of year where the ghosts and ghouls are out to play. You need to be careful about what you bring into the house, who knows what’s already lurking around in there. These Halloween treats are full of goodness and safe for your homes. Links to recipes are embedded in the headings.

Halloween Roasted Veggies

These spooky looking veggies are the perfect addition to a Halloween meal. With some simple carving and cooking, these have no excuse not to be on your plates this Spooktober. 



Pumpkin Hummus

Let’s bring in the vegetable of the spooky season: Pumpkin! Pair it with whatever you prefer; carrot, pitta, the choice is yours. This even gets served inside the pumpkin to make it super Halloween-esque.



Orange Monster Face Cupcakes

Don’t worry, we’re well aware that Halloween is for treats so we’re offering you this. These wacky cakes have 30% less fat and lower calories and yummy orange flavouring, so you can still get that sweet fix without as much guilt. But let’s be realistic, these cakes will be added on top of all the sweets you’re going to eat but oh well, Halloween is a free pass, right?

monster cakes

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