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Yoga & Anxiety

Yoga & Anxiety

Find out how yoga can help ease the many struggles anxiety can bring us.

Anxiety is never pleasant, whether you suffer frequently or now and again when a certain situation arises. The mental and physical effects of anxiety can reduce our quality of life and really get in the way of day to day activities. Although there is no real way to cure anxiety, there are some things that can help ease symptoms. Breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation and visualisation can help you feel more calm, peaceful and in control. Yoga includes all three of these relaxation techniques and therefore is a great exercise for people who suffer from anxiety. As well as this, yoga has been known to ease stress, reduce feelings of nervousness and enhance mindfulness.

There are many uncomfortable symptoms that annoyingly accompany the already distressing mental symptoms. Feelings of tension, tightness and pain sensitivity are all common in anxiety sufferers. Asanas can really help relieve these pains as they work to stretch, lengthen and balance muscles. These postures assist in releasing built-up muscle tension and stiffness. 

Meditation, visualisation and focusing on breathing helps with letting go of worry and fear, which should help with those negative thinking patterns and frequent worries. Yoga can also combat issues with loneliness and isolation as it is a great way of meeting new people and progressing towards mental wellbeing.

The overall practice of yoga encourages the relaxation response which allows both the body and mind to be at ease. If you feel these classes would benefit you, or just want to come along, see when we have classes available on our class timetable here.


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