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Our Amazing Apprentices

Our Amazing Apprentices

We’re finalists at this year’s R-Awards in the Apprenticeship category! 

We thought this was an excellent opportunity to showcase some of our incredible apprentices, past and present. 

This year we’ve taken on more Sport and Leisure apprentices than ever, and we’ve introduced two new apprenticeship schemes. 
We now also have apprentices in the Business Admin and Marketing departments, working with Burnley College to provide them with the best learning experience. 

Apprentices offer a great quality of employee as they are young, ambitious and willing to learn and improve; we look forward to welcoming more in the coming months.  
Here’s what a few of our current apprentices have to say about their time at RLT so far:


“My apprenticeship at Rossendale Leisure Trust started on the 10th of September, and the role of my apprenticeship is business and admin. I am working towards is Level 3 Business Admin Qualification, which is the equivalent of a-level standard. For my apprenticeship, I am required to attend college once every two weeks, in which my college tutor helps us practice for our end of year assignment where we must present our chosen project to a qualified assessor who gives us a grade which decides whether we pass or fail. When I am at work, I am expected to carry out several business and admin tasks, such as taking party enquires from customers, checking the stock for the cafe weekly, working on reception once a week and phoning up customers regarding their parties and chasing up any payments that haven’t been made. As well as these tasks, I am expected to carry out basic admin roles such as filing, event preparation, scanning participant forms and just keeping the office generally tidy. So far, I have really enjoyed my apprenticeship and my co-workers are helping me learn new skills and attributes needed for a business and admin role, and I continue to learn new things every day.” - Sam Steer, 18, Business Admin Apprentice

lily (2)

“My name is Lily and I am a marketing assistant for Rossendale Leisure Trust. I am completing a Level 4 qualification in Digital Marketing through a collaboration between Burnley College and +24 Marketing known as Project Digital. I started my job here in September and settled in straight away and get along well with all the members of my team. In my working day, I complete a range of jobs from updating social media, to creating video content and designing campaign materials. I really enjoy the variation this job gives me, meaning there’s always something to do and stops it getting boring and repetitive. On my college days, I am going to be learning a range of skills that I can bring back to the workplace such as market planning, CMS, project management and much more. I hope this apprenticeship will help lead me into a role based around graphic design as I enjoy the creative elements of this job the most. However, I really enjoy working here and would love to stay on once my training is over.” - Lily King, 19, Digital Marketing Apprentice


“I started at Adrenaline in August. Since I have been working at Adrenaline, I have learnt a lot about my job role. My favourite part about working here is that I am given a variety of tasks to complete which means every day is different than the next.  
Currently, I am working towards my Level 2 Gym Qualification and then I will be able to complete the Personal Training course. I will also be gaining my Lifeguard Qualification at Marl Pits. All three of these qualifications will give me opportunities to do lots of other jobs after my apprenticeship is over. 
Hopefully, I can become a full-time personal trainer or be able to work in a gym or even manage my own gym one day.  
Overall, I have really enjoyed my time at RLT so far. The staff at Adrenaline have really helped me settle in and they have been very welcoming.” - Kian Hilton-Stott, Sport and Leisure Apprentice


Stay tuned for more from our apprentices!


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