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How Running Relieves Stress

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How Running Relieves Stress

Stress is probably going to hit everyone at some point in their life. Found out how you can help yourself in these situations.


I’m sure we’re all aware of the physical benefits that come from running. Calorie burning, lowering blood pressure, all that stuff is the standard. But running is also a great tool in alleviating stress. Stress, whether it’s acute or long term, can have many negative effects on the body. Acute stress usually comes on fast but typically isn’t very long lasting. It’s usually caused by something, even something small, such as being a little bit late to work. When you get worked up for whatever cause, your body systems are called to action whether the danger is real or not which has a negative impact on the brain, lungs, heart, immune system and digestive system. Long-term stress is even worse, as you could imagine. Throughout the course of stress periods the heart will have to work overtime and your immune system will weaken.

 If these descriptions sound like you, running could impact your life in a positive way. Firstly, feeling fit and healthy can simply make you feel better. Knowing you’re in good shape can help you feel more comfortable in yourself.

Achieving physical goals can also be another psychological benefit of running. Achieving something makes anyone feel good, and the best thing is you can set your own personal goals to match your current ability then start to work your way up. Knowing how well you’re progressing may help you feel more confident in achieving the goals that may be causing your stress.

Running gives you set amount of time to be alone with your thoughts which you could use to your advantage. You can use this time to help get your brain around this issue, and hopefully feel a bit better about it. During this time, you are also releasing endorphins which are known as the feel-good hormone. These hormones aid in slowing the aging process and enhancing the immune system as well as relieving stress.

We know the Christmas period can be stressful for a lot of people. With so much to get done from buying presents to wrapping them, buying your Christmas dinner to cooking it, we all need a bit of a break. During December we will be doing the Marcathon. The Marcathon is quite simple, run (or exercise) for 3 miles or 25 minutes everyday of December. Yes, EVERYDAY, including Christmas Day. Think how good you'll feel when you complete this challenge. Join our Facebook group here for the challenge, here you can share your progress, seek support, and maybe even find someone to buddy up with. 

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