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Doing What's Doable

Doing What's Doable

A new method of self care is predicted to be a huge trend throughout 2019 – doing what’s doable.

When your usual wellness routine is blurring the lines between constructive self-care and being a full-on anxiety trigger, things need to change. This is why 2019 is said to the year of simplification, knocking down those huge walls and starting with the foundation building blocks.

Simplifying your days is hugely beneficial to your health. There’s no need to be at the gym at 6am and 6pm with work in between, meeting friends afterwards, family at the weekend with no time for yourself; balance is key. Being active is so important but improving your physical health at the expense of your mental health is redundant. There needs to be a balance of all things in your life, starting with your health.


Social media is an ever-increasing method of communication and so when your peers are forever posting Instagram pictures of their #selfcaresaturdays you can sometimes feel a little off the pace (after all if you don’t post an in-studio selfie did you even really go to the gym?). The idea of getting to the gym and eating your five-a-day is awesome, and the feeling of seeing those long dreamt after results is even better, but the pressure to achieve these is sometimes a little overwhelming. Not letting the anxiety and stress of social perception change the way you view yourself is easier said than done. However, research shows that this new wave of self-care is a way of reclaiming your time and allowing yourself to be active and eat healthily but without putting your mental health on the back burner.

‘In the age of social media and particularly Instagram, I believe the pressure people feel to engage in preformative wellness creates anxiety, self-doubt and depression’ – Latham Thomas, wellness pioneer. 

Small goals are the way forward. While before and after selfies are super-motivating, there is a lot of work that you need to put in in between, and these results don’t happen overnight. Don’t set unrealistic goals. It would be great if we all could drop 2 sizes in a month, but this isn’t doable. We need to evaluate our lives and plan what is realistic for us to achieve before we start our wellness journey. Put down your phone, take some time to plan the way forward and then simply do what’s doable. It’s as simple as that.

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