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6 Reasons why you should try Indoor Cycling

6 Reasons why you should try Indoor Cycling

Do you view spinning as a workout too hard for you? Find out why you should try spinning classes.

Are you looking for new and exciting workouts to get your blood pumping? 

There are many misconceptions when it comes to spinning. People view spinning classes as too hard for them. They don’t really know where to start and if biking is for them. You may also be worried that this isn’t something you can do. Here’s 6 reasons you should try spinning sessions.

1. Low impact workout for your body

One of the biggest reasons to start spinning is because it is a low impact workout. Running, dancing and gymnastics all involve using your legs which puts your body at risk of stress fractures, ligament damage and more. When spinning all you have to do is clip your feet into the bikes stirrups and start pedalling.

2. It is one of the best calorie burning exercises

Many spinners burn around 1000 calories in a 30-60 minutes session. That is almost double than what any other exercise class there is! And you don’t just burn the calories in the class. Remember there is a HIIT characteristic in your spinning class. You’ll burn calories long after your workout because your muscles are still working and your metabolism gets the peak you need.

3. The workouts are adaptable

If you have a bad back, struggle to run and walk you can still spin. The instructor have the ability to adapt the workouts to your medical needs. Instructors will encourage those to reconsider a spin class if they are
pregnant women. Spinning is a great way to ease back into exercise after a injury or wanting to exercise around injury not forgetting spinning is a low impact workout.

4. Your more in control with your workout

Nobody has to know you are taking it easy. If you’re exhausted you don’t have to increase the resistance or pedal faster because the instructor is telling you to. You are in control of your workout entirely. The instructor is there to help get maximum effort and fitness goals. You might even find some extra energy when you are with other people who are pushing themselves to the limit.

5. The time will fly by

Before you know it the class will be over and this isn’t because it’s a short class but because you will have so much fun during the class. The music in the background gives you something to focus on and the changing of resistance and routine will stop you from clock watching.

6. The music and instructions will encourage you through

When spinning on your own you feel as though you are missing something. That’s because you are. You don’t have anyone or anything pushing you as hard as you can. The class is so powerful because you have an upbeat instructor who is putting 120% in throughout the session. The energy the music and instructors gives off is contagious. You aren’t pressured into copying the energy, it just happens.

This blog was written by Logan, one of our work experience students from Haslingden High School.

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