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Weight Management DOs & DON'Ts

Weight Management DOs & DON'Ts

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When thinking about weight management, it is good to have a plan. A good plan should include:

  • Safe and sustainable methods for weight management.
  • A motive to learn about how to make healthier food choices.
  • Support from an online community (such as Rossendale Leisure Trust or Up & Active).
  • A written weekly progress chart (use Notes on your phone to write plans, download training apps such as MyFitness Pal or FitBit).
  • Take a look at exercise plans to help you lose weight (we have a few blog posts on our website to help and plenty of home workouts on our YouTube channel!).


  • Set realistic, healthy goals.
  • Think about why you're doing this (health reasons, mental health, confidence).
    Be committed - results don't come overnight!
  • Do some research! If you're knowledgable about something, you're more likely to be interested in keeping to it. Send us (or Up&Active) a message if you have any fitness questions!
  • Find what works for you (you may enjoy a certain type of training more than something else - be sure to find a balance).
  • Enjoy the journey! The less you focus on the end product & results, the better you'll feel!


  • Put too much pressure on yourself - you'll soon burn-out.
  • Try to over-succeed - we're all struggling without the gym, so don't be too disheartened if you're not able to complete your usual training goals... adapt and overcome!
  • Compare your journey to others! We're all unique and have different goals: focus on YOU!
  • Just count the calories, look at your Macros as a whole - is there something missing (e.g. protein, healthy fats, etc.).
  • Put yourself down if you go over/under your 
  • Feel good knowing you're making a difference in your life!

For more tips on weight management, click here.

Don't hesitate to send us at Rossendale Leisure Trust, or Up&Active, a message!

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