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Up & Active's Guide To Weight Management

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Up & Active's Guide To Weight Management

A little information on the importance of weight management from Up & Active.

What is Up & Active?

The Up & Active site and our team offers a wide variety of programs which are designed to help people get more active and lose weight. The activities and where they are delivered are different in each area but are run by specially trained members of staff.

The sessions are run by trained advisors who will help you to focus on your diet and lifestyle, looking at what you eat and how active you are. These activities are supported by online resources and information to help you reach your goals. 

You will also be encouraged to try out lots of different activities, not just run by the Up and Active team, but also by your local leisure and activity providers.

The Up and Active team has extensive experience in providing weight management sessions, including gender specific classes. The weekly sessions take place in community venues such as leisure centres, schools and community centres.

These activities do not require a referral from your GP or health professional as long as any condition you may have is controlled and stable and that you don’t have any underlying risk factors that might stop you from taking part in these courses. 

We offer a variety of classes and weight management activities from drop in sessions to 12 week structured programmes.


How do I benefit?

Increasing your activity levels will prevent you from developing many chronic health conditions, including the UK number one killer Coronary Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and Obesity.

Eating a healthier diet helps prevent against one third of cancers that are attributed to poor diet and nutrition.

Being active and eating a balanced diet also helps lower blood pressure. Decreasing your diastolic blood pressure by 2 points can reduce the risk of Coronary Heart Disease by 9% and a Stroke by 16%.

Regular physical activity helps to alleviate anxiety, stress and depression, improving positive mental health and increasing social inclusion.

By achieving a healthy weight you can increase your life expectancy by 11 years more than if you were severely overweight.

Visit U&A's website with tips on how to lose weight: click here.

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