Personal Training In Rossendale

Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, build muscle, or boost overall fitness, our Rossendale personal trainers are here to provide expert support tailored to your needs. 

    Start your journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle with a personal training session today!

    Embark on a personalised fitness journey with Personal Training at Rossendale Leisure Trust, available at all three of our centres throughout the Rossendale Valley. Our dedicated trainers are here to support individuals of all fitness levels, tailoring sessions to your unique goals. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting out, our personal training sessions provide the guidance and expertise you need to achieve your fitness goals. 

    We wanted to ensure Personal Training in Rossendale was affordable. That’s why our PT sessions are just £14 per half-hour or £22 per hour – or you can buddy-up and split the cost!

    To book our personal training session you can call our reception team & they can book this in with your preffered instructor or you can pop into centre.

    Adrenaline, Haslingden: 01706 227016
    Marl Pits, Rawtenstall:01706 226850
    Pioneer, Bacup: 01706 941944

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    Enhance your fitness journey with valuable downloadable resources!

    Download our free resources, including progress charts to track your goals and measurement charts

    for accurate progress monitoring.

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    What are the benefits of a personal training session?

    • Customised Guidance: Receive personalised workout plans tailored to your specific fitness goals and lifestyle.
    • Correct Form and Technique: Learn the correct form and technique for exercises, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring maximum effectiveness.
    • Motivation and Accountability: Stay motivated with ongoing support and accountability.
    • Efficient Workouts: Maximise your time at the gym with well-structured and efficient workout routines designed to deliver optimal results.
    • Variety and Fun: Enjoy a variety of exercises and workout routines that keep your fitness journey interesting and enjoyable.
    • Goal Setting and Tracking: Set realistic and achievable fitness goals, and track your progress with the help and support of your personal trainer.
    • Nutritional Guidance: Get valuable insights into nutrition and dietary choices that complement your fitness goals.
    • Adaptability: Our personal trainers can adapt workouts to accommodate physical limitations.
    • Education: Gain a deeper understanding of fitness principles, empowering you to make informed choices about your health and well-being.

    Meet your personal trainers in Rosendale

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