Who says breakfast has to be boring? Why not try this breakfast cheesecake recipe brought to you by Alex. W, one of our personal trainers.


  • 3 x Weetabix
  • 200g low-fat/fat-free Greek yogurt
  • 30g whey protein (flavour of your choosing)
  • Enough milk to moisten Weetabix
  • Fruit of your choice


  • Crumble the Weetabix into the bottom of a food container and pour over the milk.
  • In another bowl combine the yogurt and the protein powder and mix together to form a thick paste.
  • Cover the Weetabix with the protein, and yogurt paste and spread out until covered.
  • Chop up fruit and scatter over the top. Cover with a lid and place in the fridge overnight, ready to enjoy in the morning.

Nutritional information*

Calories – 524
Protein – 41g
Carbs – 68g
Fats – 5g

*rough nutritional guide.