Did you know we are more than just a gym?

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Our members can enjoy swim sessions and swim classes, choose from two of our swimming pools across the Rossendale valley, Whitworth pool and Marl Pits pool in Rawtenstall!

Swimming is a great form of exercise;

We believe that there are many health benefits to swimming which can be achieved by all ages and abilities!

As well as being a fun, swimming can help build muscle strength, builds endurance and cardiovascular fitness all whilst being a low impact activity. Rehabilitation of injury is also a great benefit of swimming, as well as improving your balance and posture.

Swimming is also believed to have many mental health benefits such as alleviating stress and anxiety by soothing your mind and relaxing your body. And like any exercise swimming releases endorphins in your brain. These are natural feel-good hormones that increase positivity and bring about a sense of wellbeing and happiness!

We have a wide swim offer to suit all our members, whether you with to bring your little ones, have a quick swim before work or just fancy a casual drop-in session!

Our toddler swim sessions are a fantastic way for parents to introduce their little ones to the water.

Our early bird laned swim sessions split the pool into 3 lanes: fast, medium, slow/medium lane, to pick best lane for your ability and build up those lengths at your own pace, this is a great session for all! 

We also welcome over 50+s to our senior swim! Come and enjoy a leisurely swim in our open pool to use lengths or widths of the pool at your own pace.

For more information on our swim session times visit our website: https://rltrust.co.uk/health-fitness/swimming/

Or ask a member of our team at one of our sites and they will be happy to help!

Become a member at: https://rltrust.co.uk/membership/