New Mums in Rossendale

Explore our Rossendale gyms pre and postnatal fitness programs, designed to support new and expecting mums. We provide a supportive environment that prioritise health, strength, flexibility, and overall wellbeing during this new chapter in your life. 

Adaptive classes for all stages of pregnancy

Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast, a fan of high-energy cardio, or love strength training, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced instructors are trained to adapt every class to suit your changing needs during pregnancy. You can continue to enjoy your favourite workouts while prioritising the well-being of both you and your baby.

Swimming sessions for parent & toddler classes in Rossendale

Dive into the joy of bonding with your baby through our parent & toddler swimming sessions. These classes not only provide a fantastic low-impact workout for you but also create beautiful moments of connection with your little one in the water.

Crèche fitness classes in Rossendale

We recognise that finding time for self-care can be a juggling act with a little one. Our creche classes offer a unique solution! Bring your baby along and use them as your adorable workout companion or let them play with the toys provided.

Qualified Pre and Postnatal Personal Trainers: Meet Claire & Alex. 

Claire & Alex are our certified pre and postnatal personal trainer who are here to guide you through a fitness journey tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to stay active during pregnancy or regain strength postpartum, our expert trainer will provide personalised support to help you achieve your fitness goals safely.

buggy fit, new mum fitness classes rossendale

Buggy Fit

Bring your child in the pram and enjoy using the gym equipment. While there’s an instructor to kick things off, you’ll set your own pace for a fab workout.
Buggy Fit is Every Tuesday & Thursday 10am-11am at Adrenaline Haslingden, BB4 4DN in the Hiit Studio. 

Members and non members welcome. 

Please note: Buggy Fit sessions are not instructor led, they are designed to allow mums to come and workout whilst their little one is in a baby pram/car seat. This is class is perfect for new mums with young babies.

What else does Rossendale Leisure Trust offer new and expecting mums?

Coffee Mornings at the Ashcroft, Whitworth 

Mums, come and unwind at the Ashcroft’s coffee morning, where you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee and connect with other mothers in a relaxed setting. It’s the perfect opportunity to share stories, exchange parenting tips, and make new friends in a cozy atmosphere. Toys and soft play available during the coffee mornings.

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