’ELLO, ’Ello, ’Ello. What are you doing here?

Children at a half-term holiday club at Haslingden Primary School came face-to-face with the police when they paid a community visit, and one constable was a very familiar face.

PC Darryl Lloyd has just finished his training and is now on probation working out of Greenbank in Blackburn.

Before signing up to become an officer, he used to be a coach at Rossendale Leisure Trust running the same holiday club he went along to and several of the children remembered him.

He said: “I started my training in February last year and coming to the holiday club is part of community engagement, something we all do as probationers.

“It is good for the children to see police as someone they can approach and not just someone chasing bad guys like they see on the TV.

“I used to be the lead school swimming teacher at Marl Pits as well as running the holiday club and I just decided I wanted a bit of a challenge; now every day is different.”

Darryl, and fellow probationer PC Ben Eastwood, were accompanied by their tutor PC Jonny Rawcliffe.

The children got to look around the police van, checked out the equipment, including riot gear and the ‘big red key’. They learnt about the different equipment police carry on their uniform, from batons to handcuffs, cameras and radios to PAVA spray.

They also got to try on the clothing, helmets and riot shields for themselves.

Vinny, five, said: “It was good. I liked the sirens outside and I liked going into the van. I got to try a coat on in the van. I have thought about being a policeman or a fireman and I like it when they catch a bad guy.

When asked for questions, there was no shortage of posers from the children including: why do you have a camera? Why have you got so many heavy clothes? Can police officers run red lights? and – Do you have a police Lamborghini?

Lead coach Dan McKenna, who was assisted by sports coaches Zak Frankland and Ricco Gavan, said: “We had27 children on the multi-skills session and this week at the holiday club we were doing football, dodgeball, cricket, tennis, dancing and other activities and games.

“The children really enjoyed the police visit and it was nice for us all to see Darryl again. We run the holiday clubs every half-term and always at Haslingden Primary School.” Cathrine Smyth Media.