Stepping into the gym can be intimidating and it is easy to feel overwhelmed when it looks like everyone knows what they’re doing. Just know that everyone is focused on themselves and their own workout. No one is judging you and you’re doing great!

Here are some helpful tips on where to get started: 

Join in a fitness classes in Rossendale: 

By trying as many classes as you can squeeze in your weekly schedule you’ll figure out the kind of exercise you enjoy and the ones you dislike. You’ll be taught the correct technique, and learn new moves that you can integrate into your solo workouts. 

There are a whole range of different classes from low impact to weighted classes. Perhaps you are looking to burn calories: perfect classes to try include Body Pump, Meta fit and Hiit Step. Maybe you want to become more flexible and improve balance:  Pilates, Yoga or Tai Chi are a great place to start!
Fitness classes are also a great way of making new work-out friends, who will help keep you motivated. 

Planning your workouts: 

Make the most of your workout time and go in with a plan, creature a structured workout routine to help keep consistent. Your plan needs to be tailored to what your goals are.  Tracking progress in the gym can help boost confidence in yourself and help push yourself further.

Get one-to-one support in our Rossendale Gym:

We understand it is hard to create yourself realistic and challenging goals. A programme review or Personal Training session can help prepare you for an effective workout routine, allowing you to make the most of your time! They can keep checking in with you making sure that you are on track!

Consistency is key
Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t reached your goals as soon as you hoped. Weight loss and strength gains don’t happen in a day. These things take time. 
Again, try not to worry about the people around you, chances are they are concentrating on their own workout. Remember everyone was a beginner once.

For more information on fitness classes in Rossendale we offer at our Rossendale Leisure Trust gyms, pools and group exercise spaces visit: