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Testimonials from our members


Photograph of Mike

I love coming to swim at marl pits on my lunchtime, it’s a great way of keeping fit.

Photograph of Claire

Love this gym and what the membership offers as it's like a second home for me and never get bored as many different gyms, swimming pools, classes to choose from! Happy member of Rossendale Leisure Trust!

Photograph of Anthony

Great venue, great kit, great staff, great results!!



Photograph of Ruth

Marl pits gym is very convenient for me to use, it has been my lifesaver.

Photograph of Kim

I have regular PT sessions at the RLT gyms and I love it! Coming here has made me mentally and physically stronger – I love that feeling of coming to the gym!

Photograph of Kai

Coming to the gym keeps me happy and makes me feel positive.  I love using the ladies only gym.

Photograph of Ben

Joining this gym has encouraged me to compete in a marathon. The space at Haslingden is very big, there are a lot cardio and weight machines to choose from.

Photograph of Melissa

The RLT gyms are great the staff are really helpful and are always around to give you new exercises to try.

Photograph of Rafi

The ladies only gym is great, I’ve lost a lot of weight since joining and I’m finally getting to where I want to be.

Photograph of Adeel

This gym is great, I use it every day to train and keep fit!

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